Healthier Pets with Spays & Neuters

Healthier Pets with Spays & Neuters

Spay and Neuter Surgery in Oregon, OH

Have you welcomed a new puppy or kitten into your home? One of the first and most important decisions you can make for their long-term health is to have them spayed or neutered. This surgery is very safe and offers many long-lasting perks for your pet’s health as they age. Furthermore, it helps to curb some unwanted behaviors and even helps to thwart stray overpopulation! At Country Squire Animal Hospital, we recommend this surgery for every pet at about 6 months of age.

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Spay and Neuter in Oregon, OH

What Are the Benefits of Spay and Neuter Surgery?

Cats and dogs, males and females, all receive a number of benefits from surgery, including:

  • Reduced inclination for certain behaviors including escaping to find a mate, urine-spraying, and mounting
  • No heat cycles for females
  • Decreased risk of mammary gland tumors in females and prostate problems in males
  • Eliminated risk of certain cancers later in life including testicular cancer in males and uterine, cervical, and ovarian cancers in females

Spay and Neuter Myth Busting

Despite all the benefits, you may still have some hesitations about surgery due to misinformation. Here are some of the more common myths regarding spay and neuter surgery, as well as the truth behind them:

Myth 1:
My pet will gain weight after surgery.

Spay and neuter surgeries do not make pets gain weight—too little exercise and too much food do! With the right diet and exercise, your pet will be fit and trim following their surgery.

Myth 2:
I should let my female pet have one litter so she doesn’t miss out.

Trust us, your female cat or dog is far better off without even one litter! Going through one heat cycle, let alone the one or two more it takes to get pregnant, greatly increases her chances of developing mammary gland tumors later in life. These tumors are very often malignant and can be fatal.

Myth 3:
Spay and neuter surgery is too expensive.

The amount you pay for surgery is a one-time cost and goes into covering the safety protocols we employ to ensure your pet’s health and well-being throughout the procedure. Meanwhile, the costs of caring for an unwanted litter are much higher and involve ongoing costs for the litter’s vet visits, food, vaccinations, and more.

Myth 4:
My pet’s personality will change after surgery.

Spay and neuter surgery will have an effect on some inherent behaviors such as mounting and urine-spraying, but it will not affect your pet’s personality. They’ll still be their bouncy, happy, playful selves after the procedure!