Preventive Care & <span class='nowrap'>Pet Exams</span>

Preventive Care & Pet Exams

Cat and Dog Wellness Exams in Oregon, OH

Your pet ages quickly—far more quickly than you do. In fact, one year for you equals 5-6 years for your furry friend! A lot can change in what seems like a short amount of time. At Country Squire Animal Hospital, we put a strong emphasis on preventive care and pet wellness exams in Oregon, OH. With routine visits to the vet, we can ensure your cat or dog stays healthy year after year.

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Personalized Wellness Care for Every Pet in Oregon, OH

Preventive care for cats and dogs is more than just a quick physical at the vet every year. It encompasses their whole health. At Country Squire Animal Hospital, your veterinarian will tailor each pet exam to meet the needs of your individual companion, yet there are some core pillars of wellness care that we’ll bring up for every exam.

Physical exam and blood work

We’ll perform a complete nose-to-tail exam to check for abnormalities. With our in-house lab, we can also run blood work, including complete blood counts and disease screenings to ensure your pet has no underlying conditions.

Body condition score and nutrition

Pet obesity is a growing problem, so we take your pet’s body condition score at every visit and will talk to you about their diet. If we notice your pet is overweight, we’ll develop a healthy weight loss plan together with you.

Vaccinations and parasite prevention

Prevention is the key to long-term health. We recommend the core vaccines, rabies and distemper, for every cat and dog and will also talk to you about any needed lifestyle vaccines. Parasite prevention, too, is essential for your pet’s well-being as fleas, ticks, and heartworms can take a serious toll on your pet’s health. Prevention is the best cure!

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The Importance of Life Stage Care

Your cat or dog will not receive the exact same services throughout their entire life. As they age, their needs change, and our services change with them. As puppies and kittens, they'll see us several times throughout their first year for vaccines and frequent health checks to ensure they’re growing up healthy. Adult pets are generally at their healthiest, but we still recommend annual visits for vaccines and a general health check.

Senior pets are often at their most vulnerable. Age-related conditions such as arthritis, senility, stiffness, and the loss of eyesight and hearing are not uncommon. We recommend seeing senior pets semiannually so we can properly address all their needs and give them the best golden years possible.

Dog Wellness Exams in Oregon, OH