Pet Euthanasia in Oregon, OH

At Country Squire Animal Hospital, we’re dedicated to giving your pet the very best care at every stage of their life. When they reach their twilight years, we are just as concerned about making sure they’re as healthy and pain-free as possible. We provide humane pet euthanasia in Oregon, OH to allow pets to pass on peacefully when their quality of life has diminished. Euthanasia is generally the best option when a pet’s prognosis is poor, and they are no longer able to function well and enjoy life. We know just how hard it is to consider euthanasia for a beloved family member, but want to assure you that when it comes time to make that decision, we’ll be here to support you through it all.

If you have questions or need us to assess your pet’s health and quality of life, please call us at (419) 691-2273.

Determining Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Does your pet have more bad days than good ones? Does their condition seem to improve for awhile, but then deteriorate again? We recommend that you observe your pet each day and keep us informed of how they’re doing.

Here are some common signs of a poor quality of life:

  • No appetite
  • Can barely walk, has trouble standing and lying down
  • Lost control of bladder and bowels
  • Can’t get up the stairs
  • Chronic vomiting/diarrhea
  • Often acts as though in pain (whimpering, yelping, moving gingerly)

Will Euthanasia be Painful for My Pet in Oregon, OH?

The purpose of pet euthanasia in Oregon, OH is to end suffering. Our goal is to make each procedure as stress-free and painless as possible for pets (and their people). To ensure the most peaceful passing, we first administer sedation so your pet will fall into a deep and relaxing sleep, then we administer the euthanasia.

We’ll give you and your family however much time you need to be with your companion and say goodbye, then proceed with your permission.

pet euthanasia in oregon, oh

Handling of Remains

If you would like to have your pet’s remains returned to you, we recommend making arrangements before the euthanasia appointment. These appointments can be very emotional and we want to respect your privacy and make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

Lap of Love

Lap of Love is honored to offer our complimentary national hotline available to those that are anticipating or grieving the loss of their beloved pet. We have been part of the end of life care community for many years and we want to help provide you with the support and comfort you need.

You can call the Resource Line at (855) 352-LOVE (5683) between the hours of 10:00 am - 9:00 pm EST Monday through Friday.